Craft Beer Revolution ~ Joe Wiebe

craftbeerCanada’s microbrewing movement began in 1982, in Horseshoe Bay, when a couple of intrepid beer lovers built a small scale brewery using old dairy equipment and began brewing an English-style mild ale for the pub across the street.  Thanks to these and other tenacious beer pioneers, the craft brewing movement has grown into a booming industry.  Today, the province is home to more than fifty craft breweries, including a dozen brew pubs, and new breweries are opening all the time.  Throughout BC, local consumers and beer tourists are now able to enjoy beer brewed by small operations dedicated to creating high quality products using only the best ingredients.

With profiles of fifty craft breweries, as well as tap lists, suggestions for tasting tours, a directory of events and festivals, and an insider’s look at the people behind the kegs and casks, Craft Beer Revolution is the definitive guide to British Columbia’s burgeoning craft beer scene.

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