Lonely End of the Rink ~ Grant Lawrence

lonelygrantIn addition to being a CBC host, an eminent indie-rock alumnus, and the award winning author of the bestselling book Adventures in Solitude, Grant Lawrence has another claim to fame: as a baby, he spent the majority of a plane ride from Toronto to Winnipeg on Bobby Orr’s lap.  Grant, his parents, Bobby Orr and the rest of Team Canada were on their way to Game 3 of the famous Summit Series between the Soviet Union and Canada in 1972 – a different kind of Cold War.  It was at this tender age that Gran’ts life-long entanglement with hockey began.

In early life, Grant struggled with the idea of hockey.  It was a violent game that attracted the attention of the blood-thirsty bullies who tormented him.  Yet he couldn’t seem to stay away from the sport, and eventually, he began playing beer-league hockey with other artistically minded people, including members of Canada’s rock’n’roll vanguard.  In the end, he learned that playing goalie on a hockey team isn’t all that different from playing in a band and that artsy wimps find just as much joy in the game as their jock counterparts.

It  is through the cage of the goalie mask that Grant Lawrence tells a memorable, touching and hilarious story – part personal memoir, part lively hockey history – about the cultural lives of Canadians, and the relationship we have with the game of hockey.

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