Son ~ Philipp Meyer

son.meyerPart epic of Texas, part classic coming-of-age story, part unflinching portrait of the bloody price of power, The Son is an utterly transporting novel that maps the legacy of violence in the American West through the lives of the McCulloughs, an ambitious family as resilient and dangerous as the land they claim.

Spring, 1849.  The first male child born in the newly established Republic of Texas, Eli McCullough is thirteen years old when a marauding band of Comanches storms his homestead and brutally murders his mother and sister, taking him captive.  Brave and clever, Eli quickly adapts to life among the Comanches, learning their ways and language, answering to a new name, becoming the chief’s adopted son, and waging war against their enemies, including white men – which complicates his sense of loyalty and understanding of who he is.

Philipp Meyer deftly explores how Eli’s ruthlessness and steely pragmatism transform subsequent generations of McCulloughs.  Love, honour, even children are sacrificed in the name of ambition as the family becomes one of the richest powers in Texas, a ranching and oil  dynasty of unsurpassed wealth and privilege.  Yet, like all empires, the McCulloughs must eventually face the consequences of their choices.  Harrowing, panoramic, and vividly drawn, the Son is a masterful achievement from a sublime young talent.

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