The Girl who was Saturday Night ~ Heather O’Neill

girl-who-was-saturday-nightHeather O’Neill (Lullabies for Little Children) will be at this year’s Festival of the Written Arts reading from her new novel The Girl Who Was Saturday Night.

Nineteen years old, free of prospects and  inescapably famous, the twins Nicolas and Nouschka Tremblay are trying to outrun the notoriety of their father, Etienne, a legendary Quebecois folksinger with a genius for the absurd and for winding up in prison.

Since the twins were little, Etienne has made them part of his unashamed seduction of the province, parading them on talk shows and then dumping them with their decrepit grandfather while he disappeared into some festive squalor.  Now he is washed up and the twins are making their own almost-grown-up messes, with every misstep landing on the front pages of the tabloid Allo Police.  Nouschka needs to leave behind not only her childhood but also her beloved brother, whose increasingly erratic decisions might take her down with him.  But when tragedy strikes, Nouschka realizes that, for better or worse, she is a Tremblay and that home is the only place she wants to be.

With the rare and elusive magic that touched so many readers in Lullabies for Little Criminals, O’Neill brings to light the grubby, enchanted city of Montreal and weaves a tale of the vice of fame and the ties of family.  The Girl Who Was Saturday Night is classic, unforgettable Heather O’Neill.

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