The Zero-Mile Diet Cookbook ~ Caroline Herriot

zero-mile-diet-cookbook Carolyn Herriot is a passionate organic gardener, photographer, lecturer, and cook who loves to eat.  In addition to The Zero-Mile Diet: All year-Round Guide to Growing Organic Food, she is also the author of A Year On The Garden Path ~ 52-Week Organic Gardening Guide.  She lives and grows her own food in Victoria, B.C.

In her nationally bestselling book The Zero-Mile Diet gardening activist Carolyn inspired readers to put organic homegrown fruits and vegetables on the table, using time-saving, economical and sustainable methods.  Now with its companion “The Zero-Mile Diet Cookbook” she is back with even more ideas to cook up fresh, vibrant, healthful food from the garden.

A comprehensive section on food preservation-drying, canning, pickling, freezing and fermenting  will help readers get year-round nourishment from a seasonal harvest.

With zesty preserves like Rhubarb Ginger Chutney, delightful beverages like home-brewed Kombucha Tea flavoured with fresh fruit, family-pleasing ideas like vegetarian Beet Burgers and nutritious yet unquestionably delicious desserts like Fruity Carrot Cupcakes, readers will discover simple yet satisfying ways to enjoy flavourful herbs and fabulous fruits and vegetables all year round.

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